Alignment Attunization


Alignment, as we see it, is a beautiful and transformative process that guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, fine-tuning both their minds and bodies. This process involves embracing factual affirmations that nourish our cognitive potential, alongside a sequence of carefully curated workout drills. These drills are meticulously designed, focusing on the smallest units of our physical selves — our cells — and then expanding to the tissues, organs, and systems that come together to form the intricate marvel that is the human body.

We believe this holistic approach transcends the physical realm, forging a profound connection between the mind and body, ultimately tuning the person as a whole. It serves as a reminder that we are complex, intricate instruments, composed of numerous individual parts that harmoniously coalesce into a single, functional entity.

Who this Service is For

From individuals who dream of a career in music to Even the most experienced singers can benefit from continued training to maintain their vocal health and technique, and to learn new styles or skills.

Actors, particularly those in musical theater, may require vocal coaching to help them prepare for specific roles or to generally improve their vocal projection and clarity.

Anyone who uses their voice professionally, like motivational speakers, lecturers, or trainers, can improve their vocal stamina, clarity, and expressive capabilities with vocal coaching.

These professionals can use vocal coaching to expand their range of voices and characters, and to ensure they’re using their voices healthily.

Teachers often have to project their voices for long periods. Vocal coaching can help them do so without straining their voices.

The Design

The intention behind our Alignment process aim to instill in participants a profound understanding of their intrinsic potential and power, which reside within their voices. This realization often unfolds as an ‘Aha!’ moment when individuals truly comprehend that their body, when harnessed correctly, becomes the ultimate musical instrument. Their voices, an expression of their inner selves, have the potential to resonate with power, carrying their unique melody into the world.

The philosophy behind this is simple yet profound — Life is music. This truth transcends the literal interpretation, urging us to see the rhythm and harmony in our day-to-day experiences. Every heartbeat, every breath, every spoken word is part of our individual symphony. By aligning our physical form and mental state, we can become attuned to this universal rhythm, embodying the music within us, and sharing it with the world.