About Me

John Carr

Music Life Coach

One of my proudest moments was when I presented my original composition, “Women,” at the Million Woman March in 1997. The music coursed through the crowd, connecting us all, a testament to the power that we, as vocalists, can wield. I believe that same power is within you, waiting to be harnessed and shaped to fill the halls of your church, your worship team, or any stage that you wish to claim.

As a tireless advocate for the arts, I’ve dedicated my life not only to performing but also to teaching. To help others discover their voice, fine-tune it, and unleash it upon the world is a joy beyond measure. Sharing these experiences, these tools, these lessons learned from years of practice, performance, and observation, is what makes my role as a vocal coach truly rewarding.

My journey has blessed me with opportunities to work alongside legendary performers like The Delfonics and Alfie Pollitt. Each performance, each collaboration, has enriched my musical perspective and added depth to my understanding of the craft. This extensive knowledge and hands-on industry experience, I bring to every coaching session, each lesson tailored to help you sing with power, emotion, and technical precision.