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I am Hip-Hop Artist Based out of Wilmington Delaware And working with John Carr has been a life changing experience as a Artist and as a Man ! I had just returned home from school and released My first album, and after the release I began looking for opportunity’s to perform , after meeting John Carr at a open mic He taught me how to be confident in using my voice through various vocal training exercises and getting me booked at events to constantly put My training into use ! this all led to me being a force on Stages and taking my music to the next level. My mindset as a professional artist has grown so much In many ways by allowing John Carr to coach me !

Quiece Aziz

I have had 4 sessions with John so far and it has been one of the best investments–in myself, vocally, mentally and physically! Not sure I knew that there was more to vocal improvement than just doing vocal exercises. It has been and continues to be an educational experience. Plus, in just my short time with John I’ve already had the opportunity to perform in a public setting, allowing me to get exposure (which I wasn’t expecting!). An investment in John’s program is one in which the best return is a better you!

Bernadette Smith

The John Carr Alignment class is worth the time and every quarter, nickel, dime, and penny YOU have! I always leave a session feeling and being more confident both professionally and personally. I’ve always had an ability to sing BUT after 3 sessions my belief in my abilities skyrocketed! I’m more connected to my life’s purpose and more confident in carrying it out thanks to John Carr.

Danielle McLean

Before taking John Carr’s sessions I was more reserved and basically afraid of reaching my full potential. Now I’m more outspoken, I’m not afraid of being heard, and over all I’ve opened up on stage and in my personal life. I’ve also learned to be vulnerable while sharing spoken word, singing songs, and rapping lyrics. The affirmations can be applied to all aspects of life, not just performing. Even if you don’t believe in yourself right now, John Carr does and he will express that and guide you to reach your goals.

Tiona Brenee

There is constant focus on techniques of breathing, discipline, stamina, posture and range. This is in addition to falling in line with an awesome physical routine and verbal affirmations to increase your internal muscle memory. This will help you to build confidence in becoming more stage ready. I have personally witnessed this for myself- in addition to what work he’s done with other talent that include church worship groups, rap vocalists and spoken word artists in the area. Take the class, and it will change your life for the better

Sabrina Peebles

John Carr’s vocal class catapulted me out of my comfort zone into a realm of true mind, body, and soul alignment.

LaRhonda Harmon

John Carr’s Alignment class helped me to find not only my true voice, but also confidence in public speaking and performing. I have also learned the importance of stage presence and audience engagement. This class is way more than just a typical vocal lesson… be prepared to transform and transcend.

Brandi N. Williams

I highly recommend John Carr’s alignment class! It is truly remarkable. This class is specifically crafted to harmonize your entire body, providing a holistic approach to wellness. The exercises offered in the class are incredibly beneficial, aiding in enhancing your breathing, vocal abilities, confidence, and achieving an overall alignment of mind, body, and spirit. As the saying goes, “Where the mind goes, the body will follow.”

If you’re seeking balance and a significant boost in your singing capabilities, John Carr’s alignment class is an absolute necessity for your overall success.

LaNoana Odom

I have the pleasure and fortune to work with John Carr since 2019. John started out as my vocal coach and has become so much more to me and my family over the years. He has helped me overcome stage freight and has helped boost my confidence in expressing myself. I have found my voice thanks to his knowledge and dedication to his craft.

Valencia MacDonald

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